Imperfectly Perfect..

Hi friends ,

Today I was trying some image transfer with Ink Jet Printer !! First i made a small card to play Marta’s playing card challenge !! In second try , it came out really good . Then I have done a small journal page with image transfer technique !! I learnt this from a workshop of Nathalie Kalbach and Birgit Koopsen !! 

Here is my journal page:-


and below is my playing card :-


And below step by step tutorial ..

  1. I have taken the printout in premium quality project paper :-


2. I put Matte Gel medium on watercolor paper and stick the photo on it !!

unnamed (1)

there should be no bubble or fold between the papers .

3. Now dry  the paper thoroughly with heat gun :-

unnamed (2)

4. Then wet the paper  thoroughly :-

unnamed (3)

5. Then start to rub the paper with hand .. be careful don’t rub too hard.. ( sorry about my  messy table ) 😀

unnamed (4)

you could feel the whole picture become wet and transparent like photo ..

6. Then no more rubbing ..just peel-off the paper ..

unnamed (5)

7 . here is the outcome :-

unnamed (6)

I have outlined the eyes and lips ..remember you would get a FLIPPED image 🙂

then I made some touch-up on the picture :-

unnamed (7)

I love this distress look..

Friends,  don’t think i am master in this .. i made some terrible transfer today before my journal transfer..

unnamed (8)

Here I missed the eyes !! LOL !!

This below one is a result of using normal xerox paper .. I think its beautiful for watercolor journal !! What do you say ?

unnamed (9)

Now the image of the paper :-

unnamed (10)

Few tips I got from Nat and Birgit :-

  1. If you want perfect look transfer , go for laser printer !!
  2. More contrast in your photo makes better transfer image !!
  3. Avoid gray in the photo as it is going to make your photo blurry !!

Thank you friends, I am very newbie .If I missed out anything , please don’t hesitate to comment !!








14 thoughts on “Imperfectly Perfect..

  1. Hi…deary. …superb this is. THANKS wholeheartedly for sharing tuto….u guys get tomlearn frm experts and shaew the knowledge which is fabulous. I always adore whatever you do…….wl try this for sure. ♥♥♥♥♥♥(Hugs))

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