Name: Torsa Saha

Blog name: Torsa’s E{art}h

From: Lives in USA, born in India

Achievements: https://torsaart.wordpress.com/achievement/

Favourite colours: All shades of Teal and blue!!

Favourite media: Modelling paste, embossing powder and spray mists

My absolute ‘must have’ when creating: Lindy’s spray Mist, and Heat tool ( I am very impatient person while creating )

About: I am a software engineer by profession, but Art is my passion, my dream and something I breathe for. I have studied fine arts (Oil painting, Acrylic and Charcoal) for almost 20 years!! I have started my Mixed Media Journey at 2016!! I love colors!! I need almost 10 different shades of every color and always try to depict a story through my creation!!
I am addicted to Coffee and love to spend hours at my studio with my coffee.  Collecting different coffee mugs from different places is my hobby 🙂 . Love to listen music when I am crafting!!
If I am doing nothing, I am doing art journaling with my favorite quotes even in my mind!!
Love to travel and visit different places!! I love to live in the moments!! I believe in journey rather than the destination !!

What inspires me: I get inspired by nature, life, books, quotes, songs, current affairs , Facebook, YouTube !! I really want to take one name here – Marta Lapkowska – she is the reason behind my Mixed Media!! For me she is constant source of inspiration!!

My style: I don’t want to confined myself in one style!! I love to explore every different style!! Journaling on canvas is one of my favourite because I love to hang them at my studio!! My layouts are my love towards beauty !!

Links to my social media & galleries:

Instagram: torsa.saha
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/torsa.saha?qsefr=1

What kind of projects I do? 

That’s a very tricky question for me!! I love to use beautiful photos for my project, and I am very choosy about the photograph of my project. Sometimes I love to use different photographs. and blend them in my project. Color is my utmost obsession !!! For any project, background and color remains as my main theme!!